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  • Student support
    One of the fundraising priorities is creation of scholarship funds of Institute. Scholarships will be designated to most areas of the institute and have the potential to support a broad number of student needs. They are able of creating a lasting source of support for students. Scholarships are essential to give Kislovodsk humanities and technical institute a competitive edge in recruiting high-achieving students. Scholarships can also fulfill other goals as well, such as rewarding and encouraging students who engage in sports, cultural and social activities.
  • Faculty support
    Faculty support programs will help the institute secure its position and support community development by attracting and retaining high-class professors and researchers.
    Professorships help recruit and retain exceptional scholars by acknowledging their professional leadership and ensuring appropriate compensation. It provides students valuable opportunities, and expands academic programs.
    Visiting Professorships
    A visiting professorship enables institute to host a distinguished professor for a short term by funding expenses such as travel and an honorarium. Visiting professors provide students and faculty with specialized entrepreneurial, business or research knowledge. This creates opportunities that cannot be matched through traditional classroom and departmental activities.
    Faculty Fellowships
    Fellowships are awards given to encourage faculty to pursue new ideas, creative projects and research that will allow them to grow in their disciplines and bring fresh ideas into the classroom.
  • Athletics
    The Physical education Department seeks funding to make available opportunities for our institute and community. Fundraising program will help provide competitive academic and athletics opportunities for student-athletes. Additional funding is also necessary for realization of sports facilities development program. It includes renovation of outdoor football field (estimated budget- 70000 US$), construction of outdoor tennis courts (budget ?? 100000 US$)
  • Facilities support and development
    Modern facilities help attract the best students and faculty and have a profound impact on their ability to excel. Fundraising program of institute will help fund academic, athletics and housing building and renovation projects.


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    Kislovodsk humanities and technical institute 2010. Pobedi av. 37a, Kislovodsk, Stavropol region, Russia, 357700